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This is the genealogycal homepage of Hans Omlo. I'm from about the year 1980 busy with the hobby called genealogy (family tree).

To lets see other people my searches and how far I stay with my investigation, I have make this homepage. My intention is to let grow this homepage in the future with links to other intrested sites in the range of genealogy.

I hope that readers of this homepage can help me with further additional informations, like they are also possible get assist on the published data on this homepage.

The program I work with is called Pro-Gen.This is a genealogical-program that is usefull for novice and also for advanced users In the standard format it can be use easely, trough the use of a relationscreen. The family tree wil then easy build out.

Privacy protection: NOT presented are date of persons born after 1907 and date of marriage from persons that are born after 1932. Data from persons that already has been died are possible fully presented.

From the follow subjects is a next page present:

  Wanted persons on this group photo made between the years 1935 and 1940.

  Genealogy Omlo     Genealogy of the family Omlo mainly comes from the neighbourhood Groningen and Assen.

  Genealogy de Boer  Genealogy of the family de Boer mainly comes from the neighbourhood Franeker/Leeuwarden in the area of Friesland

  Genealogy Nijhuis  Genealogy of the family Nijhuis mainly comes from the neighbourhood Olden Eibergen/Holterhoek.

  Genealogy Nijhof    Genealogy of the family Nijhof mainly comes from the neighbourhood Olden Eibergen/Rekken.

  Index of names that ar present in my genalogical database.

  Spread of Omlo at the moment during the census of 1947.

  Intrested genealogical links

The published genealogicals are without specific information, like living circumstance etc.
When U have additional information or other remarks, comments or suggestions about at the published data, let me now and sent a letter to Hans Omlo.


The ownership and  the  copyright from all data published on this website belong to Hans Omlo .
Without specific permission from the author it is'nt permitted to publish or copy the hole or part of this page or other pages from this website use for publication.
For private individual use you can ask me for permission. Send a e-mail to Hans Omlo.


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