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Interesting genealogical links.

last update: 2017-01-20

Links that are showed on this page are possible usefull to help by genealistic searches in the Netherlands. 

    Stamboom Gids ---- Extensive Dutch Internet guide used for genealogy, names and archives

    N.G.V.         -------- Dutch Genealogical Association (=Nederlandse Genealogische Vereniging)

    C.B.G.         -------- Central Office of Genealogy (=Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie)

    WhoWasWho        -------- Search engine for searching in all the official Dutch national archives

    Pro-Gen       -------  English version of the Genealogical software-program (Dutch design used by Hans Omlo)

    PGGG          ------- Group of Pro-Gen users (only Dutch)

    NedGen        ------- Search of names through NedGen

    Pim Omlo     ------- Also genealogy Omlo (Probably not Filled Up after 2001)

    Oudnieuwsuithetnoorden ---- Historical messages extracted from old newspapers (area North of the Netherlands)

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